Best Wii Games For Adults

See the best wii games for adults. The Wii was not just made for kids. Adults can enjoy the Wii also. Some of the games on this page will be rated "Mature" by the ESRB, as they are meant for adults only and may contain graphic content. That being said, there are many Wii games which adults will find very entertaining and do not have the violence.

Wii Fit Review Box

Wii Fit Review

Rating: (9)

Wii Fit is one of the reasons that many adults by a Wii in the first place. Wii Fit brings a practical purpose to video games. Not only are the mini games entertaining but they allow you to exercise as well. Wii Fit is the perfect option for those who want to stay at home while doing entertaining exercise.

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Box

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Rating: (9.5)

Twilight Princess is a fantastically challenging game. Link must once more solve hundreds of difficult puzzels and obstacles to save the world. Not only is the game thought provoking, but it has action packed battle scenes and boss fights to keep you on the tip of your toes.

Call Of Duty - Black Ops Review Box

Call Of Duty - Black Ops Review

Rating: (9)

Call of Duty Black Ops is the latest first person shooter for Wii. The main attraction of Black Ops are the online multiplayer matches which pit players in a variety of styles. The game is engaging, satisfying, and competitive making for a terrific game that can provide hours of entertaining play.

Donkey Kong Country Returns Review Box

Donkey Kong Country Returns Review

Rating: (9)

Donkey Kong Country Returns is definitley a games for adults. It will be a nostalgic experience for those old school players of the Super Nintendo. For new comers, it will be a very challenging game that tests the limits of your reflexes, gaming skills, and patience. Good luck.

Resident Evil 4 Review Box

Resident Evil 4 Review

Rating: (9)

Resident Evil 4 is probably the first adult Wii game you can think of, and that's a good sign of its quality! Get this new installment that includes great gameplay, deep replayability, and the trademark Resident Evil scary scenes that will certainly make you jump off your seat.

The Godfather: Blackhand Edition Box

The Godfather: Blackhand Edition

Rating: (8)

The Godfather: Blackhand Edition is about living the true life of organized crime. Get into sneaky missions where negotiation, fights and shootings consist of your daily life to go up the city's ranks. Godfather: Blackhand Edition is an adult game where you must play smart to earn and keep your reputation.

Madworld Review Box

Madworld Review

Rating: (8)

Madworld is one of the most exhilarating adult games you can experience on the Wii. Watch blood burst on your screen as you pull off the most over-the-top and gruesome moves on your enemies in an all black-and-white theme that will make you feel the violence and some adrenaline like never before.

No More Heroes Review Box

No More Heroes Review

Rating: (8.5)

No More Heroes is a manga-style adult action game you won't forget. Each hilarious task you must accomplish will make you want to get moving as quickly as possible around the city to your next objective. Pick up that light saber and cut your enemies in half in No More Heroes!

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Box

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

Rating: (8)

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories will freak you out in truly intelligent and twisted ways using a deep storyline, mysterious characters, and beautiful graphics. Step into a cold and scary world in a search to understand what's going on and to battle the most hideous beasts and zombies.

Dead Space: Extraction Review Box

Dead Space: Extraction Review

Rating: (9)

Dead Space: Extraction is a great mix of quality futuristic shooting, deep storyline, suspense, and strategy. Make your way through puzzles, kill the terrifying Necromorphs monsters, and put some order in that outer space in this action-packed adult game for the Wii game console.

The Beatles Rock Band Review Box

The Beatles Rock Band Review

Rating: (9)

The Beatles Rock Band is a great adult game to buy as a gift. Everyone likes the Beatles! Form a music group with up to six members and sing the Beatles' great repertoire to unlock more exclusive content about their memorable career. Relive the atmosphere they had in the studio and on the stage of the biggest stadiums!

Conduit 2 Review Box

Conduit 2 Review

Rating: (9.5)

Conduit 2 is a game that will please many adults looking to relive the glorious days of first-person shooters on the PC and older consoles. Experience some epic multiplayer action online or through split-screen in a game that truly demands some skills around all kinds of weapons.