DS Games For Kids

See all of the best DS Games For Kids. These games are targeted for younger DS players, so your kid will be sure to enjoy these games. Choose any of the games on your comprehensive list and get game details, including reviews, discussions and pricing.

New Super Mario Bros Review Box

New Super Mario Bros Review

Rating: (8.5)

New Super Mario Bros is a superb remake that takes the best out of all past classic Mario games and mixes it with the new. The game got both visual and technical overhauls, but the game is still 2D and functions the same way it did many years ago. This is pretty much the default Mario game for your kids to own.

Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day Box

Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day

Rating: (8)

Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day is the logical choice for parents looking for an educational game for their kids. Brain Age is fun, includes many mini-games that will improve their skills at school, and is a great way to kill time on the road. Get it if you didnít when you got your DS!

Mario Kart DS Review Box

Mario Kart DS Review

Rating: (9.5)

Mario Kart DS could easily be the Nintendo DS game that has totalled the most hours of gameplay from kids around the world. This edition of Mario Kart features a ton of replay value for you to bring on the road with its online play and massive wireless multiplayer options.

Meteos: Disney Magic Review Box

Meteos: Disney Magic Review

Rating: (8)

Meteos: Disney Magic brings a little life to the standard puzzle genre through Waltís magical universe. Let your kids follow their favourite Disney characters just like in a movie as they jump in the action to solve puzzles and help the story progress.

Tetris DS Review Box

Tetris DS Review

Rating: (8.5)

Tetris DS has really revamped the old Tetris into a great modern game for kids. Young players always like to interact and compete with each other and Tetris DS provides them with the most extensive multiplayer experience you could think of. We are surprised at how the DS is making this puzzle game a blast again.

The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning Box

The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning

Rating: (7.5)

The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning allows you to bring the adventure of your favourite dragon on the go! In a varied and complete game, Spyro will deliver some action, adventure, puzzles, an interesting storyline and cool abilities right in the palm of your hands!

Crash of the Titans Review Box

Crash of the Titans Review

Rating: (8)

Crash of the Titans is a brand new game featuring Crash Bandicoot on the Nintendo DS, and it feels like anything but a simple port. Crash boasts all new enemy-controlling abilities and fighting skills, as well as a co-op multiplayer mode. See for yourself in Crash of the Titans!

Mario Party DS Review Box

Mario Party DS Review

Rating: (8.5)

Mario Party DS is one cool wii game for kids to bring on the go. Itís like having a full board game in your pocket without the board, dice and cards. Connect all the playersí DS consoles through wireless connection and you have yourself a great virtual party started to kill time.

Pokemon White Version Review Box

Pokemon White Version Review

Rating: (8)

Pokemon White Version is definitely the kidsí favourite RPG game all over the world. Allow them to become the new Pokemon master in this modern edition of the game featuring over 150 new Pokemons to catch, a revamped battle system, and upgraded visuals.

Kung Fu Panda DS Review Box

Kung Fu Panda DS Review

Rating: (7.5)

Kung Fu Panda DS is a great wii game for kids that will take you on a quest to become a panda Dragon Warrior through the teachings of the greatest kung fu masters, just like in the movie! Take control of Po the Panda and fight through the thirteen legendary levels included in the game.